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About us

DIGICRO is a fintech startup that offers micro loans raining from $50 to $1,000 to the unbanked people through our app “Spean Loan” in Cambodia. We apply machine learning to leverage big data gained from customers’ smartphones that enables them to borrow money anytime, anywhere. 

Now, everyone can apply for loan.

How it works

Download and Register

Install the app, and enter basic information about you on our app. Loan application takes only 2 minutes

Get approved

We review your application and inform you how much you can borrow within 1 second

Take cash

You can get the loan at the nearest mobile money agent or through your bank account 24/7

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Why digicro?

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Provide data and apply for a loan for your working capital or emergency. We will give you a credit score based on your alternative data gained from your smartphone.


Receive a loan instantly without paperwork, collateral or office visits


Your data is protected by the first class technology